About the Park

We have a fenced secure field just for your sole use for dog walking. It is an acre and a half of grass with a 6-foot high fence to give you peace of mind that your dog or dogs will be completely and safely contained. This is the perfect place to let your dogs run free, off the lead.

It is ideal for dogs that are in training, have behavioural issues and even if you just want to have some undisturbed space for you and your dog.

 You can have the field to yourself for a 30-minute slot, or for the whole hour.

It is also ideal for dog training classes in larger groups, or dog socialisation with some friends.

Within the field, there is access to water, agility obstacles for the dogs and a shelter for you from the elements. Also provided is flood lighting so you can make the most of the dark evenings.

Dog waste bins are provided so that our guests can keep the field clean for everybody’s enjoyment. 

Due to the field being grass and the constant rain, the field is sometimes wet underfoot so appropriate footware is advised.

Field available from 8 a.m.–9 p.m., Monday to Sunday

Email: farm@whitwellfarm.co.uk 

Location: Whitwell Farm, Whitwell Way, Coton, CB23 7PW (by online booking only)

Urgent Enquiries: Ben -  07973824517 or Daniel - 07803225643