Rules and Safety

TERMS AND CONDITIONS and Health and safety

Please see bookings for availability and cost. Prices are subject to change at anypoint prior to receiving a booking confirmation.

Any use of the dog walking field will be entirely at the customer's own risk. The landowner and tenant accept no liability for injury or death to any person or dog or for damage to any property. We also accept no liability for losses or liability incurred by the customer while frequenting the field.

Children must be supervised at all times.

Please wait in your vehicle while waiting for the changeover between time slots, as some dogs may be nervous or aggressive towards other dogs.

A maximum of 4 dogs for a single booking and 12 dogs for a group booking

Do not leave dogs unattended in vehicles at any time.

Please do not exercise your dog(s) outside the exercise area.

There is no access to the working farmyard located nearby.

Improper handling of dogs is not allowed.

Any holes dug to the surface must be refilled and reported immediately.

Any damage to the fencing or observations of damage is to be reported immediately.

No climbing on the fences or gates at any time.

Please clear up your dog waste and dispose of it responsibly.

Do not carry out any alterations to the land.

The use of portable barbeques is not permitted.

Please take your litter home.

We also have a public footpath situated near to our dog exercise field. Please feel free to use this, but bear in mind it's located adjacent to a military facility, and you should keep to the designated paths for your safety.

There are no rights created over the land, and the licensee accepts that the landowner has control and possession over the land at all times.

Please be punctual for your booking and vacate the area promptly after, leaving it secure with the padlock provided.

All dogs must be vaccinated.

By booking, you agree to the terms and conditions provided.